How The Product Works

Select a background scene from the library of photo's, or use one that you have put in from your local area.

Using the items and effects provided (apparatus, equipment, personnel, hazards, etc.), set up the emergency situation you want your trainees to work on. This is all done with a simple click of the mouse. Sound effects are used to enhance the realism and to heighten the tension.

The trainees can now "work" the scene as they would at a real incident. They must use all their acquired knowledge to mitigate the situation that can change in real time.

During a session the trainees can practice a variety of skills. After a scenario has been run, the trainees can participate in a debriefing session.

A typical scenario can last as long as you like and can involve the first-in crew or it can be used to instruct several hundred people in a lecture hall.

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